Public Relations Case Study : Child Trafficking

Topics: Human trafficking, Commercial sexual exploitation of children, Public relations Pages: 8 (2502 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Child Trafficking
Department of Communication
MCH 121 Public Relations
Ms.Doris Lim


There is no doubt that Malaysia is a colourful country rich with natural resources and one of the best holiday getaways in the tourism industry. Although Malaysia is an unflawed country, sadly this multi-racial country is also a destination on trafficking innocent lives especially the children for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation business (Persons Report, 2009). So what is child trafficking? According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, child trafficking can be best defined as an illegal activity involving underage children who are being used in both reproductive slavery and sexual exploitation business. In a latest statistic released by the International Labour Organization, it showed that the child traffickers can easily earn an astonishing of RM48 billion throughout the year which allowing this disturbing yet sinful activity to be the third biggest crime behind both drugs and gunrunning (BERNAMA, 2013). There are many cases regarding about child trafficking that happened before in Malaysia. A non-governmental organization (NGO) called as Tenaganita stated that there were 118 cases of child trafficking that were reported in the country starting from February 2008 until October 2010 (TheStar, 2011). Not all Malaysian are aware of this horrific situation that are currently happening in the country. With the birth of many non-governmental organizations fighting against this cruel activities, we can actually create many new tactics or strategies on banishing the entire sinful trading business to take place in the country.

Based on the PEST analysis, there are a few main factors that should be focus which comprises of the political factor, economic factor, social factor and lastly the technological factor. The main cause of this thing to happen in Malaysia is all because of the government itself who is being very irresponsible towards the poor migrants who are trying to make a living. The people who migrate from Nepal, Burma, India, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia come to Malaysia so that they could make a living but instead they ended up getting themselves in this sinful and filthy sexual exploitation business. With most of the migrants are children who just wanted to have a better future, they would be converted into slaves as they got no other choices. This is because some of them are forced helplessly to go into the sex business as the children are the weaklings which is much easier to be blackmail and targeted by the disgusted traffickers. Besides that, most of the migrants are facing tough obstacles when they are not being paid at work which leads them to some threats and also confinement. As most of the migrants involved young children, they can all be easily on surrendering their travel documents. Not only that, with the Malaysian government who does not give the authorization on legalizing the status of refugees, no doubt it make the refugees on getting themselves trap in the trafficking business.  Furthermore, Malaysia is also known as the conduit for trafficking children to other countries such as Singapore, Thailand and a few more. In addition to that, there are also some Malaysian immigration authorities that allow this criminal business to carry on as they are secretly involved with the business traffickers. 

The final factor that contribute on making the crime to happen would be statelessness. The Malaysian citizenship status can be given as long as they follow the Malaysian laws which are stated inside the Book of Constitution. Sadly, many migrated children as given stateless as they do not have any good proof of their parent’s marriage which resulted them on not getting citizenship from the government. Once the children are given stateless, this would put them on a high risk on getting abducted into the child trafficking. Public Relations is the...

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