Public Relation

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Public Relation Individual Assignment

Title : Apple’s Labor Issues and PR Miseries

Overall Introduction:
Public relation can be defined as a practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Nowadays, public relation is becoming more and more important between people and company. This essay will identify the article “ Apple’s Labor Issues and PR Miseries” with 3 main questions:

Question 1: What has caused public opinion to turn against Apple in such a spectacular fashion and how effective do you consider the company’s efforts at managing the crisis have been? (This essay will provide reasons for the answer.) Wha are the key lessons of this case for business in general?

Question 2: Which of Grunig’s four models of public relations would be most appropriate to building public trust in Apple?

Question 3: What light does the story of Apple shed on public relations in the new era of social media? How can companies protect their reputations in the digital age?


Answer of Question 1:

Apple store is a chain of retail stores owned and operated by the Apple Incorporated which sells electronic products , such as , iPhone, iPad, Siri, the App Store and iTunes ( Agnello 2012, Paragraph 1). In the recent decades, there is a increasing number of customers of the Apple’s company. The Apple Company also got large number of profits about 28.57 billion dollars ( Apple annual report, Page 47 ). However, in the recent years, there are people who against Apple’s products. Because, the profit of the Apple’s Company was built on the cheap labor, low tax liability, and inhumane conditions ( Agnello 2012, Paragraph 3).

In the article “ Apple’s Labor Issues and PR Miseries” , the author Agnello (2012, Paragraph 3) states that one of the Apple Company’s partner Foxconn’s employees work in inhumane conditions that result in many worker deaths and injuries during the working period. Foxconn has been accused of forcing workers to work long hours without breaks, usage of hazardous chemicals, and exposing workers to dangerous conditions. According to this situation, there are 250,000 signatures and delivered them to Apple stores across the globs to protest the working conditions at Apple’s main factory, Foxconn, in China (Alisonjoyce 2012, Paragraph1 ). Apple Consumer Support (2012, Paragraph 1) outlines that among the hundreds of companies producing and selling consumer electronics, Apple is frequently cited as the poster child of companies partnering with factories in China that are engaged in unethical and inhumane labor practices. In addition, Kate (2012) highlights that fair-labor organizers delivered 250,000 signatures to Apple stores in six cities around the world on Thursday in protest of the company's working conditions in China (“Apple Hit With 250,000 Signatures Protesting Labor Conditions in China” ,Paragraph 1). In United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India protectors gathered at Apple Store in cities to demand that Apple take further action for its unethical problems ( Agnello 2012, Paragraph 5).Those behaviors prove that the Apple Company has human rights, and social responsibility problems on its hand. It is why public opinion to against Apple in such a spectacular fashion.

For fixing Apple Company’s human rights problems. Apple released their list of suppliers to be more transparent last month and they agreed to a labor audit by the Fair Labor Association. Apple is the first technology company to agree to this ( Alisonjoyce 2012, Paragraph 4). In addition, Apple in turn broke relationship with 2 suppliers that were deemed repeat offenders (Agnello 2012, Paragraph 7). Yahoo daily news (2012) states that following months of Foxconn damage control, Apple has made an announcement its critics have hoped for, ending five...
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