Public Privacy and Govt Safety

Topics: September 11 attacks, Terrorism, Security Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: June 14, 2013
Public Privacy and GOVT. SAFETY
The 9/11 terrorist attacks on USA had a great impact on the Americans and people all around the world.So many people lost their lives in this terrorist attacks.After 9/11 everything changed.It was the bad for America which tore the heart of the people around the world.After the attacks USA and all other countries governments made public safety bills and national security their main priority.Government took many hard steps to fight against the terrorism.Police and other national security agencies has all power to search the suspected person house, bank accounts and all other personal details without any searh warrant.Security made very tight at the airports, borders and other government places. Many sections of the justice system was either altered or modified in some way shape or form.Most of the changes was done to protect the United States citizens, world peace, and the economy.New controls on physical movement and identity verification were imposed at border crossings and airports.The increased power of police surveillance and National security forces entered in the privacy of the individuals.The terrorist acts of 9 /11 have revealed serious inconsistencies between public safety and privacy in the legal system of the America.People generally think that they sacrifice their own freedom so that government should protect them. It could we agrued that surveillance has taken individuals privacy rights.However, due such stricted measures the social crime decreases in the society.Airports are the one of the places where life has really changed since the 9/11 attacks happened.Their are security cameras very every inside the terminal.Passengers stand in the long lines during the sercurity check-ups.Even some shoes of everyone inspected.People also suffered from racial profiling especially at the foreign airports and crossing borders.Due to which many people stopped flying.Many people feel that they should be free to travel or...
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