Public Policing vs. Private Policing

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Public Policing vs. Private Security
AJS 502/Survey of Justice and Security
Jessica Bishop
June 3, 2012

Public Policing vs. Private Security
Public policing stands for more in society than private security because of the funding provided. Most private security agencies have to acquire more public access to obtain society’s opinion and to get customers to represent the company. The more information gathered about the two companies and compared for society to view the better outcome for the final result for each company to experience in the end. Society needs to know the pros and cons for each company to ensure and protect him or her for the correct reasons. In comparing the companies for society, most individuals need to see the different branches and what each company offers to ensure the best for the situation. Most companies leave a good review for society and attempt to provide information on public locations for society to view to gain more knowledge about each system and organization.

After dealing with many terrorist attacks, private organizations need to be organized to assist the public officers to gain knowledge and experience. Most organizations are needed to gain more staff and also fill in the areas that individuals are slack in within the public. Public agencies can believe threatened because the rise in private organizations to protect the public, but some may result in failure because of the lack of knowledge and equipment available. Private agencies do not have the proper funding for some of the equipment required for security within larger areas. Most private agencies are started because of the love of the type of facility organized and to keep society safe from dangerous encounters. Most good individuals who worked for public agencies get recruited to higher paid jobs in other agencies rather than starting his or her own private organization. Private organizations tend to have fewer employees and can make policies and procedures for what is needed to work for the public better than public organizations that have been around for several years.

The role of the public policing agency is to support and enforce the rules and regulations obtained by the government official’s. The responsibilities of the officers are to enforce rules and regulations to keep the peace to prevent crimes and investigate problems within society to maintain order. All of the regulations are taught to the officers within the agencies to follow the correct policies and procedures designed for the government organization. Public police have the obligation to defend the public regardless of the area and have certain jurisdictions that he or she has to stay in while on duty unless other requested. The role of the private agencies is to accommodate the areas that request assistance and provide security for individuals. Majority of the private agencies look after private property and assist per contract for paid assistance all day and every day until the contract is expired. The main role that private securities can work on was presence and reporting to the law enforcement illegal activities that occur and investigating the situation.

Depending on the type of security requested, depends on the amount of force that can be used to control the crimes that occur with private security officers. For example, American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International, the largest association of private security professionals in the United States, has defined private security as “the nongovernmental, private-sector practice of protecting people, property, and information, conducting investigations, and otherwise safeguarding an organization’s assets” (ASIS International,...

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