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COURSE BA (Hons) Security and Risk Management INTAKE March 2011 MODULE NUMBER Two DATE OF SUBMISSION 10 August 2011 WORD COUNT 3505 DISSERTATION PROPOSAL FOR PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANIES IMPACT ON IRAQ. Table of Contents TOC o 1-3 h z u I. The Research Problem PAGEREF _Toc173594039 h 3 A.Purpose of the study PAGEREF _Toc173594040 h 3 B.General background PAGEREF _Toc173594041 h 3 C.Guiding questions. PAGEREF _Toc173594042 h 4 D.Delimitations and limitations PAGEREF _Toc173594043 h 5 E.Significance of the study. PAGEREF _Toc173594044 h 6 II.Theoretical Perspectives PAGEREF _Toc173594045 h 7 A.Background to the subject. PAGEREF _Toc173594046 h 7 B.Review of related literature. PAGEREF _Toc173594047 h 7 C.Summary of data reviewed10 III.Research Methodology PAGEREF _Toc173594048 h 11 A.Methodology. PAGEREF _Toc173594049 h 11 B.Analyzing data. PAGEREF _Toc173594050 h 12 IV.Anticipated Problems. PAGEREF _Toc173594051 h 14 A.Conceivable problems. PAGEREF _Toc173594052 h 14 B.Ethical concerns. PAGEREF _Toc173594053 h 14 References. PAGEREF _Toc173594054 h 16 I. The Research Problem A. Purpose of the study This paper has several purposes. The first is to look at the impact of private security companies in Iraq in an attempt to evaluate whether they have benefitted Iraq in anyway. Furthermore, the research will investigate some controversies that have surrounded these companies operating in Iraq. It will also examine some of the problems that private security companies have caused and encountered whilst working in Iraq. Prior to conducting this study, it was anticipated that the majority of reports concerning security companies working in Iraq would be found to be of a negative nature. Over the years, there have been many reports in the international press of the negative impact of security companies whilst employed in Iraq. The majority of theses articles published in the press have depicted western security companies in a negative light. After all, bad new sells newspapers (Rusche, 2006). Perhaps one of the most notorious of these reports is the Blackwater incident of 16 September 2007, in which 20 Iraqi civilians where killed when employees of the private security company Blackwater opened fire on a car that failed to stop at a checkpoint (Parker, 2007). Another article in the New York Times claimed that from 2005 to 2007, Blackwater was involved in almost 200 escalation of force or shooting incidents (Broader, 2007). B. General background After the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent so-called peace in April of the same year, Private Security Companies, commonly referred to as PSCs, have provided numerous security services to both the military and civilian contractors supporting the Coalitions mission in Iraq protecting personnel, facilities and property. The United States first deployed PSCs in Haiti 1994 on a limited scale to aid in the protection of embassy personnel. PSCs were used again by the United States in 1995 in Bosnia to protect United States ambassadors implementing the Dayton Peace Accords (Eicher, 2008). It was the wars and subsequent unrest in Iraq and Afghanistan, however, that defined the role of PSCs and brought them into the public eye. During the reconstruction efforts in Iraq, the occupying forces found themselves overwhelmed and their forces overstretched by sectarian violence and insurgents. This gave the opportunity for dozens of PSCs to step in and offer their services (Lane, 2010). The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has made extensive use PSCs since 2003 to support its stabilization and reconstruction efforts inside Iraq, using PSCs primarily to provide security for military bases and embassies, escort supply convoys and protect senior military commanders (SIGR-09-005, 2008). With the drawdown of US and coalition military forces in Iraq since 2008, PSCs faced a decline in demand for their services. Recently, however, there...
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