Public Health in Real World

Topics: Public health, Medicine, Epidemiology Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 8, 2013
I find myself continually wondering how far man can go in forcing the world to conform to his needs and wants. Perhaps it’s time for man to do the conforming to nature. Public health is an exciting field that is growing. This field challenges its professionals to meet face to face health challenges such improving access to health care, controlling infectious diseases, reducing the various environmental threats and violence, drug abuse and accidents. Public health is an area that is intended to serve others. It refers to health professionals working in organizations that provide services to the community locally, nationally and internationally. These are leaders who face the exciting challenge of protecting public health in the present and future generations. Since I began my studies, I have always had an interest in trying to find cures for incurable diseases and to find techniques or policies to help those with rare or chronic diseases better cope with the day to day challenges of their disease using the appropriate tools. I believe that studying biotechnology was only just beginning to discover ways to improve man’s relationship with his environment and I clearly see a path to realizing these dreams armed with this dual degree in public health and management. The range of opportunities provided by this dual degree are mind expanding.

Previously, I have not had the opportunity to follow my dreams until now, having moved to the United States from different dental practices in poorer countries. I wasn’t afforded the availability of the newest technological improvements. Our resources were meager, but my passion to help others with my knowledge remained in my heart.

Public health is a field that offers the opportunity to achieve your personal goals, and It´s a way to work in improving health and quality of every day public life I believe is a work full of rewards.

Many governments have set a high priority on public health policies. It´s is set to...
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