Psychology of a Technology Consumer

Topics: Apple Inc., ITunes Store, ITunes Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Simple. It is the one word that has transformed the technology industry as we know it and can rightfully be associated with one company, Apple. I do not speak in the perspective of an Apple fan boy, but rather as an analytical student that has spent years following the technology industry, and has caught something simple that no one else has. From the brink of bankruptcy, Apple has become the leading technology devices developer, and a standard for all companies to follow. But this success did not come as a gift from the heavens, or even by the innovative products themselves. Though many don’t realize it, Apple’s success can be attributed to a clever understanding of human nature and the science of “customer psychology.” Sure, human nature isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of technology, but it lies beneath the success of every product. Human nature involves not only “needs and wants,” but also a sense of “completeness” that is very often overlooked. In other words, companies that are successful in the current technology industry are those that aim at providing all ranges of products and services while also keeping in mind the one word: simple. Microsoft for example is a company that has the range of products, but not simplicity. Microsoft lost the battle when they added too many complications with Windows Vista, as well as a complicated phone UI that had many people lost (Lanxon). Thus, in a story of David vs. Goliath, the technology giant quickly fell to smaller companies. In contrast, Apple is the ideal example of success thorough understanding of simplicity. In 1997, Apple decided their previous path was in the wrong direction and decided to reinvent themselves (Arrington). In a move that should be regarded as ingenious, Apple got rid of their ideas of clunky computers and excessive amounts of parts, and fostered the word: simple. Then in 2001, Apple looked to make CD and MP3 players simpler with the introduction of the iPod, and the...
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