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Topics: Working memory / Pages: 2 (414 words) / Published: Oct 15th, 2013
Multi-Store Model Evaluation
The multi-store mode is supported by the experiment Sperling 1960 conducted which conveys that short-term memory has a brief duration of 18-30 seconds. The experiment showed that the longer an image was displayed on the screen the better it was recalled; suggesting that if you pay attention to information then it can be retained. Conversely the multi-store model does not account for incidental learning and for why we can remember information that we have not paid attention to. In multi-store model the information is needed to be rehearsed through elaborative or maintenance rehearsal but it doesn’t explain the ability to learn and remember irrelevant information.
The multi store model gives clear evidence for separate stores for short-term and long-term, it is provided by research of case studies of the most famous amnesia cases HM (Milner 1966) and Clive Wearing. After suffering from brain damage, both HM and Clive Wearing lost the ability to form new long term memories. However both had normally functioning short term memories, but as short-term memory has only has duration of up to 30 seconds anything that happened to them was completely forgotten; they could remember things from their pasts prior to surgery. This provides evidence that short term and long term memory are completely separate entities in the human brain, and supports the validity of the multi store model of memory. However, although multi-store model may have separate stores it has limited explanation because it doesn’t account for dual tasking in short-term memory. Whereas in the working memory model (Baddeley and Hitch) it is possible as it suggest that short-term memory is far more complex than as purposed in the multi-store model.
Joseph and Jacobs (1987) experiment supports the multi-store model, as they have shown that the capacity of short-term memory is limited from 5-9 digits. They directed an experiment by asking participants to recall digits and with

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