Psychology Movie Report

Topics: Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Mean Girls Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Movie Report

In the Intro of Psychology course, I learned many concepts that relate to the real world and what we do in our everyday life. The psychology concept that I learned was social psychology. Social psychology is the scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate it to one another. We can relate to social psychology because we interact with others daily. We understand the behavior of our friends and families individually when in a social concept. The prime examples of social psychology are in-group, out-group, personal identity and social identity. The in-group is known as “Us”, people with whom we share a common identity. The out-group is “Them”, those perceived as different or apart from our in-group. These factors are what people mainly based their social thoughts on one another. Social identity theory states that the in-group will discriminate against the out-group to enhance their self-image. Social identity is the “We” aspect of self-concept, the part of our answer to “Who am I?” that comes from our group memberships. For example, if you have categorized yourself as a student, the chances are you will adopt the identity of a student and begin to act in the ways you believe students act. Personal identity is our sense of self, according to Erikson, the adolescent’s task is to solidify a sense of self by testing and integrating various roles.

In the movie “Mean girls,” written by Tina Fey, the actor Lindsay Lohan plays the role of a girl named Cady Heron who has never known what high school truly meant because her parents were zoologists. She lived her first fifteen years in the African jungle in which she was home-schooled. She lived her entire life with only her parents and the animals of the wilderness, knowing all of the rules of survival. However, when she moves out of Africa, she has to learn the rules of high school, a jungle itself. She instantly makes friends with two sweet teenagers, Damian and Janis, who, in the...
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