Psychology Career Summary Paper

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Amir Baldwin
ACA -122
Career Summary

The job I recently researched was a psychologist. Although it’s always what I’ve wanted to become, after I did a bit of homework I’m starting to question if this really is the job for me. My first example is the pay. I always thought that I’d have the dream job that pays well, allowing me to come home to a nice middle class house, a new car off the lot instead of used, or even a timeshare. I’ve never really been the materialistic type, but if I’m able to work hard for it and pay it off then I or anyone for that matter should be able to splurge on things that they’ve never had the pleasure of having. There are various types of fields to psychology, such as clinical, social, counseling, school, industrial and forensic. None of them are better than the other, it all depends on who the person is and what they enjoy doing. The type I would like to become is either a counseling or developmental ; one who helps with the emotional needs of the patient with no age range, understanding what it is that they need in order to feel comfortable with their everyday needs. The pay for those types of psychologists range from $66,810 to $68,640, now am I wrong to say that salaries aren’t what I was expecting? A job should be something you love you shouldn’t have to live dismal day to day wishing you were somewhere else. I’m glad I viewed these salaries for now I know that I should keep my options open.

Second, for so long as I’ve been in therapy I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere of my therapist’s office whether the room temperature was just right, the water color paintings on the wall or soft music somewhat fading in and out of the background. When I was younger I created floor plans of what my office would like and have in it. I’d have the colors of the walls picked out, the type of furnishings that I wanted, etc. But the workplace environments for this career range from either psychologists having their own practice,...
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