Psychology and Counseling

Topics: Psychology, Goal, Emotion Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: July 25, 2013
What are the goals to be achieved by counseling.
The goal of counseling is to help clients achieve their personal goals and gain greater insight into their lives. One hopes that by the end of the process one will be more satisfied with his or her life. Counseling is an opportunity for the client to come to a greater understanding of the person that he or she is with the help of the counselor, creating a more productive scenario for the organisation. The goals to be achieved by counseling are divided into three categories, that is getting to a point where the client makes a choice, this leads to major changes in one’s life, thus reducing confusion in the clients life. When a client approaches a counselor, this union formed seeks to bring out positive results. These are results that ensure that the performance of the organisation remains on course. The major goal of counseling is to get the poorly performing employee’s performance back up to standard.  Organisations profit from the positive emotions like excitement and inspiration, but they also have to accept and manage effectively the negative emotions such as anger and frustration.  It takes work to deal with the negative side of employees' emotions standard, which is the primary goal of counseling. Choices, this is primarily what we seek to make from the moment we enter into a counseling session. Employees face dilemmas concerning “who they are”, work and relationships. These concerns always affect performance of an individual , thus choices have to be made. Counseling is usually sought by those who need to make choices, and it’s always a fruitful counseling session if one comes out of it with clearly defined choices. Change on the other hand always follows once choices have been made. As long as a counseling session ends with a clearly defined plan of action that’s been agreed on, then one goal of counseling has been achieved, that is change. Deciding on change sets goals that benefit both the organisation...
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