Psychology at Work

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Health Psychology
In the field of physical health and psychological well-being, health psychology specializes in exploring biological, psychological, cultural, societal, and environmental factors of life, and how each of these affects physical health. There are some who include the spiritual or religious aspects to this model; however, traditionally the model includes biological, psychological, and social components. While it may be common knowledge among certain populations about the negative effects that a person’s emotional mindset can have on their health, there continues to be a great deal of denial and research about the interactivity of these aspects in a person’s life. Physical Health can be directly affected by the environment in which we live. Today, people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. In contrast to the diseases that were most often the causes of illness and death in the early 1900’s, the most common causes of death and illness today are strongly related to the behaviors in which a person chooses to engage. Unhealthy behaviors, from smoking cigarettes and poor diet, to sedentary lifestyle and poor coping skills, are all major contributors to death and illness. Fortunately, we can learn ways to control negative thoughts and behaviors in which we choose to engage. By learning specific skills, we can make positive, healthy changes in our lives. Psychology as a Career

Many people think of psychologies either as therapist or as teacher psychology as a profession can be traced back only to the turn of 21st century through the writings of Sigmund freud, John Dewey, and others. During the founding of the American Psychological Association in 1892 the member were chiefly academic psychologist-teachers of psychology and person engage in research in psychology principles. At that time, psychology was almost entirely a “pure” science, relatively uninvolved with social application.

Academic Psychology
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