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Psychology Basics
By Kendra Cherry, Guide
Before you begin studying psychology, you need to gain a clear understanding of exactly what psychology is. When did psychology originate? What do psychologists study? Explore this section to learn the answers to these questions and build a good foundation for further study of this vast and fascinating subject. 1. Psychology 101

2. Brain and Behavior
3. States of Consciousness
4. Learning
5. Memory
6. Emotion and Motivation
7. Development
8. Personality
9. Social Psychology
10. Abnormal Psychology
11. Psychology Homework Help
12. Psychology Career Basics
13. Take a Psychology Quiz
Psychology 101

Before you delve into studying psychology, it's important to learn some basic information such as the different branches of psychology, theoretical perspectives, history and research methods. Whether you are new to the subject or just want to brush up on your knowledge, these articles can help you get started on your studies. What Is Psychology?

By Kendra Cherry
Question: What Is Psychology?
There's a lot of confusion out there about psychology. According to some popular television programs and movies, psychologists are super-sleuths that can use their understanding of the human mind to solve crimes and predict a criminal's next move. Other popular depictions present the psychologist as a gray and bearded older gentleman, seated in a stately office lined with books, who spends his days listening to clients ramble on about their difficult childhoods. So what's the truth about psychology? The fact is that there is a little bit of truth in these stereotypical portrayals, but there is actually a lot more to psychology than you might initially think. There is a tremendous diversity in psychology careers, and it is perhaps this enormous range of career paths that contributes to some of the misconceptions about psychology and what psychologists do. Sure, there are psychologists who help solve crimes and there are plenty of professionals who help people deal with mental health issues. But did you know that there are also psychologists who help create healthier workplaces or that design and implement public health programs? Or that there are others psychologists who investigate topics such as airplane safety, computer design, and military life? Let's start by answering the basic question: What exactly is psychology? Answer:

Psychology is both an applied and academic field that studies the human mind and behavior. Research in psychology seeks to understand and explain how we think, act and feel. As most people already realize, a large part of psychology is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applications for psychology. In addition to mental health, psychology can be applied to a variety of issues that impact health and daily life including performance enhancement, self-help, ergonomics, motivation, productivity, and much more. Early Psychology

Psychology evolved out of both philosophy and biology. Discussions of these two subjects date as far back as the early Greek thinkers including Aristotle and Socrates. The word psychology is derived from the Greek word psyche, literally meaning 'life' or 'breath.' Derived meanings of the word include 'soul' or 'self.' A Separate Science

The emergence of psychology as a separate and independent field of study truly came about whenWilhelm Wundt established the first experimental psychology lab in Leipzig, Germany in 1879. Wundt's work was focused on describing the structures that compose the mind. This perspective relied heavily on the analysis of sensations and feelings through the use of introspection, a highly subjective process. Wundt believed that properly trained individuals would be able to accurately identify the mental processes that accompanied feelings, sensations and thoughts. Schools of Thought

Throughout psychology's...
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