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Course Description:

This course has a broad coverage of the conceptual and empirical foundations of psychology in its main fields. The discussion of the theories, concepts, and finding which focuses on complex human behavior: how and why we think, feel and behave the way we do, how we act and interact with others, and why and how we become the unique individuals that we are.

Course Objectives:

A. General
o To assist students in understanding themselves, the problems they face in the context of the Philippine society and the ways of meeting such problems. B. Cognitive
1. Demonstrate acquired knowledge of psychology as a scientific field of study; 2. Describe the biological and developmental processes of human organisms; 3. Explain various factors responsible for individual differences and how such differences are manifested through responses to multifaceted realities. 4. Distinguish different sources of stress; and

5. Compare normal and abnormal behaviors; recognize the ill effects of indiscriminate use of drugs, and the need to maximize the positive individual and collective potentials of the Filipino people. C. Value Aim

o Appreciate the importance of forming wholesome beliefs, attitudes and values for the enhancement of individual effectiveness and harmonious social interactions. Course Outline:

A. Orientation, Nature and Scope of Psychology
1. Definition of Psychology
2. Historical Background
3. Objectives of the Discipline
4. Approaches to Psychology
5. Related Fields
6. Methods of Research
7. Importance of Psychology
B. Biological and Development Processes
1. Mental Status Examination Neurological Basis of Psychology 2. Psychological Development
C. Human Perception and Consciousness
1. Sensory Processes
2. Human Perception
3. Consciousness
4. Psychoactive Drugs
D. Thinking, Learning and Memory
1. Thinking and Language
2. Learning
3. Memory
E. Motivation and Emotion
F. Individual Differences and Personality
G. Frustration, Conflict and Stress
H. Social Psychology
1. Individual Social Behavior
2. Social Influences
3. Psychology at Work
4. Research Methods in Social and Industrial Psychology 5. Environment and Urban Psychology
I. Abnormal Behavior

Evaluation Techniques:
A. Quizzes
B. Class Participation
C. Major Exams
D. Attendance
E. Assignments
F. Group Activities
G. Reaction Paper
H. Reporting


Definition of Psychology
o Taken from two Greek words psyche which means “breath”, “spirit” or “soul”; and logos which means “study of”. o It is the science that studies systematically the behavioral processes of the individual human being. Science – Psychology is a science that gathers facts systematically, organizes them into general principles and formulates theories out of these factual data. Behavior – actions or activities of the individual as matters of psychological study. It may be overt/covert, conscious/unconscious, simple/complex, rational/irrational, voluntary/involuntary. o Psychology is both an applied and academic field that studies the human mind and behavior. Research in psychology seeks to understand and explain how we think, act and feel. Applications for psychology include mental health treatment, performance enhancement, self-help, ergonomics and many other areas affecting health and daily life.

Historical Background of Psychology

We can actually trace the background of psychology along two ways – the traditional and the scientific.

A. Traditionally, psychology is said to have began with man’s earliest speculations...
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