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Value of Psychology

This essay contains information based upon the value of psychology in my life. The biggest thing I struggled with is stress. Things stressed the most about, is school, sports and the future.

Psychology is basically the science or study of mental life. When I took my first Psychology class I thought that it was going to be all about mental disorders and stuff related to that, but was surprised to find out that it had everything to do with everyday life; mental portrayed into physical and every other dimension of health. The biggest thing that I’ve struggled with in my life is stress. Never have I been able to find a solution as to either erasing it or controlling it to a point to where it didn’t affect me in a major way. Because of this reason, everyday became an obstacle and things just became so much more difficult to deal with than they truly had to be. It’s still something I struggle with to this day, and it will always be there in my life, but through this class I have learned that it is something that CAN be dealt with to a point where it doesn’t control my happiness. Senior year in high school we were assigned to find a topic for an informative speech. I was so lost in finding a topic until I thought about something that I could relate with very well. Then it hit me that even though stress wasn’t or at least didn’t sound like an interesting topic, it turned out to surprise me with everything that I learned about it. There was the typical ‘everyone stresses over different things, people deal with stress in different ways, and how people were affected by stress differed.’ Well I wasn’t suited with this common knowledge of stress so I dug in deeper and in the end came to find out that in reality, if people stress too much, for too long over things that death really is a possibility. If I heard that I would initially assume it would be death from suicide because too much stress can be overwhelming and that just...
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