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Topics: Psychology, Mind, Brain Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Alexis Vincenzo

A Profile Exploring a Personal Interest

A personal interest of mine has been the study of psychology. I am not interested in pursing any type of career or education for the subject, I am just fascinated with the human mind and how doctors are able to assist abnormal behaviors. I have gone to doctors and therapists my whole life and the structure of their job is enticing to me. Psychologists have to have a mental stability about them to hear the thoughts and stories of upset or unstable people. They use many techniques to be able to get into the minds of their patients to be able to help them.

Notably, psychology is the study of the human mind and its functions. In the psychology field, there are many different kinds of work that psychology is applied to. For example, it is used in schools, sports, clinical, military, forensic, educational and many more fields. Psychology is often used for the assessment ad treatment of mental health issues, but it is also helpful for understanding and solving problems of the human activity. Psychology is very interesting to me because several people who are not in the medical field do not understand the functions of the brain. Psychology has the goal of understanding an individual or a group of specific cases. This study of science is very beneficial to society. Knowing that there is this kind of guidance and support for people in the community is a comforting thought. There are numerous subfields for psychology. Those include biological, clinical, cognitive, comparative, developmental, educational and school, evolutionary, industrial-organizational, personality, social and positive. Those different subjects inside of the field show how much assistance is out there for the people in society.

In addition to the study, a professional practitioner is called a psychologist. They attempt to understand the ways of mental functions. Psychologists analyze the concepts of the mind such as perception,...
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