Psychological Disorder

Topics: Bipolar disorder, Mania, Major depressive disorder Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Psychological Disorder Paper
University of Phoenix
Amanda Kettinger
3 July 2010

Psychological Disorder
Many mental disorders vary from person to person and in its on severity. All disorders have both a physical and psychological components. Abnormal behavior is difficult to define. Behavior may also be evaluated by whether it conforms to social rules and cultural norms, an approach that avoids reproachful nonconformists as irregular for behavior that, although strange, may not violate social standards and may even be valued in their culture. What people consider a violation of norms can be affected by culture diversity; often culturally relative, understood by the culture in which it occurs (The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2010). Depression is a major problem in the United States; More than one in 20 Americans 12 years of age and older had current depression. In any two-week period, 5.4% of Americans 12 years of age and older experienced depression. Rates were higher in 40–59 year-olds, women, and non-Hispanic Black persons than in other demographic groups (Pratt & Brody, 2008). Thirty-three percent of all psychiatric outpatients suffer from depression. The percentage of Americans who will experience at least one major depressive episode during their lives has been estimated at between eight and 12 % for men and between 20 and 26 % for women. In this paper we will take a look at a mood disorder, known as bi-polar. Mood disorders are characterized by emotional states of extreme disturbances (The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2010). Bipolar Disorder

Mood disorders are characterized by extreme disturbances in emotional states. Some people experience extreme elation and hyperactivity; also, sadness, and depression. Bi-polar disorder is a diagnostic term in the DSM-IV-TR, for individuals who experience episodes of manic or of both mania and depression; excessive and unreasonable elation and hyperactivity characterize...

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