PSY 301 Entire Course

Topics: Psychology, Emotional intelligence, Citation Pages: 3 (629 words) Published: October 27, 2014

In this pack of PSY 301 Entire Course you will find the next docs: PSY-301 Week 1 DQ1.doc PSY-301 Week 1 DQ2.doc
PSY-301 WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT Prejudice Stereotypes and Discrimination.doc PSY-301 Week 2 DQ1.doc
PSY-301 Week 2 DQ2.doc
PSY-301 WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT Persuasion Who What To Whom.doc
PSY-301 Week 3 DQ1.doc
PSY-301 Week 3 DQ2.doc
PSY-301 WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT Power of Love and Relationships.doc PSY-301 Week 4 DQ1.doc
PSY-301 Week 4 DQ2.doc
PSY-301 Week 5 DQ1.doc
PSY-301 Week 5 DQ2.doc
PSY-301 WEEK 5 FINAL PAPER Social Psychology Bringing It All Together.doc General Questions - General General Questions
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper OR prepare a 7 slide presentation with speaker’s notes to make up the total word count, based on your reading for the week, examining the importance of emotional intelligence in all aspects of life.  Be sure to address the following items in your analysis:

Describe the differences between traditional cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence.

Analyze the use of emotional intelligence concepts in work life, home life, and personal life.

Format your paper according to APA standards.  Presentations only need to meet APA standards for the citations and references.  If doing a presentation, note that I expect 7 CONTENT slides.  These do not include, title, agenda, questions etc which do not have speaker’s notes and only take a minute or two to create.  A title slide is required as is a reference slide.

Your slides must contain speaker’s notes and use proper citations when needed.  7 – 10 content slides are required.  This does not include the title, agenda, or questions slides.  I think you get the idea that filler slides without course content do not count toward the slide total for any assignment in this course.  Please use the UOP tutorial, “avoiding plagiarism” to understand that citations ar...

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