Pscyh Violence Essay

Topics: Sociology, Bullying, Education Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Discuss the relative effectiveness of two strategies for reducing violence.

There are many causes of death but violence can be considered one of the leading causes worldwide. The most recent violent act was a tragic event that took place at an elementary school in Connecticut that killed 28 children as well as some teachers. Violence can be defined as the use of physical force or power against oneself, another person or against a community of a group, which may result in injury, death, mental harm or physical harm. Acts of violence include suicide, terrorism, child abuse, rape, and bullying. This essay will explore how violence can be reduced through changing social and cultural norms, and the teaching of social skills.

Violence can be reduced through different school programs that teach the students ways to reduce violence. Olweus (1972) conducted an experiment in schools in Norway and had the whole-school faculty participate. He developed a seminar that taught the school faculty how to deal with bullying which included strict supervision on playgrounds and lunchrooms. He advised that if any bulling took place, the counselors should conduct therapy with the bullies. Olweus reported that this program reduced 50% of all bullying activities. However, on the downside, this research only took place in Norway, which is a country that already emphasizes on social importance and bullying. This could mean that the research may just be adding on to the progress already made. In addition, the policies and programs may only be effective if everyone is aware and is committed in changing. This research is a qualitative research, which can lead to bias and there is no control group for this experiment. However, anti-bullying programs have been shown to be effective.

Another method to reduce violence is through the teaching of social skills. Aronson (1979) used cooperative activities in classroom with the idea that everyone must work together. He used jigsaw puzzles...
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