Editorial Critic

Topics: Psychology, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Name: Joseph Iferi
Topic: Editorial Critic
Teacher: Tony Fabiano
Class: Phil 1116 Critical Thinking
Date Due: 22/11/2012

Strict anti-bullying Laws could actually make matters worse
1. Summary:
The articles begins with a sentence “school yard bullies have been around for as long as there’ve been school yards”, meaning that no matter the laws the rules set up bullying would occur in a gathering. The article simply talks about bullying and how the laws set up to eradicate and stop bullying may be the actual reasons that make bullying worse. The article states that the actions that bodies and organizations take are from genuine concerns to reduce the impact of bullying and that it is proper to want to eliminate bulling, but the solution cannot be found in a legislature. The author also condemns the Quebec’s new bill which states bullying as any act or gesture, intimidate and ostracize, and the intension to injure, hurt oppress another human. The author then stresses that there have been rules like that already made to quickly and seriously support and help people who have been harmed physically. Also the article states that bullies have made reports of themselves been bullied too, so establishing who the victim and offender are may be murkier then any law contemplates. And the effects that bullying takes on a child can’t be imagined nor minimized and all kids who attend school have their playground nemesis they never want to remember. The author includes researches made by Israel Kalman stating that schools with more anti-bullying laws have always had more bullying cases than places with less laws, Kalman research also proves that instructions ad techniques from child psychologies need to be adapted rather than each time setting law enforcements. He concludes by saying that any laws put in place to reduce bullying needs to be grounded with common sense, rather than fanciful notion that once rules and laws are set that they would be...
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