Psalm 139 Re-Written and Explanations

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Lord, you have scrutinised me
And your knowledge of me is
Greater then I could possibly imagine.

You know my every move before I make it,
And every place I go before I’m there.

Your spirit can be sensed in every kind of atmosphere,
Showing me the path through the world of darkness
When I am lost; as you do not fear the unknown like me
But the unknown fears you.

Your arms are always open to me,
You find me when I hide
And save me from my fears.

Lord, your mighty power has placed me on Earth.
With how you have planned my life
You show your love for me.

The choices I make are to live up
To your expectations,
To show my love for you.

I pity the ones that stray from you,
The ones that criticise my trust and belief,
The trust and belief I have for
You and your ways.

God, test me as you please
My heart is true to you
Make clear the path to enlightenment
And everlasting love.

Themes and explanation

God knows you more then anybody, even more then you know yourself. God is creator of all; therefore he sees all and knows all. God is everywhere; you can’t hide from him in a world he created. He can see you in the darkness and is willing to help the lost, troubled and misguided; no matter where you are from and no matter who you are. God is our creator, the Lord has given us everything we know of; he has made us the way we are through our mother. God knows all about our life stories, how we were made and where we came from so he does not discriminate.

Characteristics of God

God is all knowing, as he created everything with intentions for things to ultimately be the way things are. God is a leader, strong and caring; as he is not afraid of the dark, to lead and show others the true way.

Attitude towards God

The perspective of this Psalm towards God is very intimate and close. It gives off very positive images towards God’s way of life as well.

Relations with the Author

I don’t really relate to this poem as...
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