Proud to Be an Indian

Topics: Iraq War, India, Police Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: December 22, 2012
It’s a pleasant and a cold morning in India. The cold breeze makes the body cold. Saloni is a Punjabi girl whose ambition is to become a journalist. She likes to write poems and journals. She goes to Madras to do her higher studies. There she meets a guy, unexpectedly he is her relative named as Rajesh who is one of the most intelligent police officers in India. They both knew each other from their childhood. They had a crush on each other in their tender age itself but they never knew what relationship was that in that age. Due to some family problems they were separated. After 15 long years they are renewing their unknown relationship. Rajesh and Saloni became close to each other and one fine day their crush was turned into love by Saloni as she proposed to Rajesh on his birthday and she gave her love as a gift to Rajesh. He was expecting the same and accepted her proposal and was very happy on that day. They both decided to marry each other and they went to their respected families and told them about their love. Both the families refused their love and marriage. So finally Rajesh and Saloni came to a conclusion that they will abscond from their house and will meet at a register office to marry each other. Finally they executed their plan. They then went to a temple and got married. Then they went to a village to lead a peaceful life. In the span of this time he had no investigation on any kind of case, so he decided to start a sugar cane farm and he did so. The sugar cane farm really changed their style of living as it became the most famous and popular farm in the surrounding areas. By running this sugar cane farm they earned huge profit and now they started a truck business in Madras. Their truck business was also a huge success to their life. Rajesh used to go to Madras thrice a week to check his business. One day when he was in Madras he met his Chief Police Officer. He and his officer had a cup of tea together and were discussing...
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