Prospect House

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Prospect House

The story Prospect House, written by Frances Childs is a realistic description from the bottom of the social heap. In the story we meet Kim, a girl with a bleak background who has an identity crisis. This crisis is presumably caused by the mother she never had, and it is the red line in the story; the author clearly illustrates that parent’s plays an important role in their children’s live, especially when they are not there. The story takes place outside the city, probably near London, in a home for single teenage girls known as Prospect House. Most of the girls come from homes without any kind of guidelines and confidential framework and many of them have lived without their parents. This naturally entails a defective responsibility from a grown up and the girls must take full responsibility for their own lives. This occurred in a very young age and the girls were left very much to themselves. When you are alone in a world that feels like it got no mercy for you, you quickly learn how to fight for yourself and that the only person you can trust is yourself. Those are the rules when you are leaved to your own fate. Further your mind will get cold and insensitive and you do not feel sorry for anyone, because no one feels sorry for you. This is exactly how the girls at the Prospect House behaved when they first arrived. They hardly can accept themselves and therefore they have a problem by accepting each other. Kim is like the others let down by her parents and society, she is a so called “burnt child” who has met with a lot of hardships in her life. She has a rather violent behaviour pattern because she is insecure about herself and others, which causes that she at times is very distrustful and always in a readiness position against other people. Kim judges and distances herself from people that she doesn’t know, as a sort of security for herself. She carries a chilly facade, which hides her sensitivity. In her world sensitivity means weakness...
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