Pros And Cons Of Medicare

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As a result of the 1936 passage of Social Security and the 1965 passage of Medicare, they have been considerable improvements in the lot of the elderly, a population conventionally defines as those or older. A 1988 census report indicated that if the elderly did not receive government transfer payments (primarily Social Security benefits), the 1986 poverty rate for the elderly would have been 48.5 percent instead of 12.4 percent. Medicare, the nation’s health insurance entitlement for the elderly, also provides economic security because protects the elderly against expensive short-term hospitalization and physician’s costs (Butler, R., Hyer, K. 1990).
Medicare was enacted to provide health insurance to the elderly (and later, the disabled) population. Not only was it not intended to pay for long term-care; its statute explicitly excluded coverage for custodial care-the assistance with basic activities of daily living (sucha as cooking, cleaning, dressing, and bathing) that constitute Long-term Care.
Although Medicare was not designed as, and had not become, a Long-Term Care program, it matters enormously to people who need such care. First, and foremost,...

In conjunction with Social Security, it helps provide financial security to seniors and younger beneficiaries with permanent disabilities. Medicare financed by a combination of general revenues (42%), payroll taxes (37%), beneficiary premiums (13%), and other sources. Many people with Medicare buy supplementary insurance to cover the patient cost sharing required by the program. Most low-income elderly; 21% of beneficiaries; are covered by a combination of Medicare and Medicaid (Blumberg, L. 2012).
As our country moves into the 21st century, in an increasingly competitive global economy, all members of our society, regardless of race, background, or stage of development, must have access to health care for we require a healthy as well as educated...
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