Propaganda speech

Topics: Education, Recreation, High school Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Homework. Why should we spend our afternoons slaving away doing work that no one wants to do, including the teachers. Teachers spend hours writing out the homework they want us to finish, and when we hand it in, they spend even more hours marking work when they would rather be doing something else, don’t lie teachers, I’ve heard you complain about marking hundreds of pieces of paper about the same exact thing, wouldn’t you rather spend your spare time with your friends and family, no, instead you have to mark other kids repetitive and most likely badly done homework. Homework puts unwanted stress on students, we panic for hours about whether or not we did do enough research, we worry about whether or not we did the homework how the teacher wanted, we sit and hope that we got that good grade our parents were pushing for. We students are forced to spend our afternoons slaving away in front of computers and books doing work that would be much easier and quicker done in class, when work is done in class we are more motivated to finish it, the teachers can hold over our heads the promise of leaving early, the promise of the last five minutes of class being free time, when we are at home there are many distractions such as television, TVs are in almost every teenagers room, providing quick relief from homework, what about the internet, it can be accessed almost anywhere, there is no more tempting distraction than the internet . And what example is being set for children, you go to school and do your work, and when you get home the work doesn’t stop, we aren’t allowing a balance that will assist student when they go out to the workforce. Students have other commitments that don’t include homework, just like the teachers. Some of them have after school activities such as part time work, driving lessons, plans with their friends, and many of them do after school sports, all of which are affected by homework. They get homework at school and realise that their plans are...
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