Promotional strategies offered by cabelas

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Target Pages: 3 (1186 words) Published: September 25, 2014
MK 315 – Report # 1
A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by Cabelas ​Cabelas is a retail store found across the country offering outdoor products for the casual to serious hunter/fisherman. They offer for the hunter, firearms, ammunition, reloading equipment, optics, tree stands, decoys, game calls, and just about anything that is associated with the sport. They also sell boating supplies, auto and all terrain vehicle products, clothing, home and cabin, and footwear. Depending on the season, they have many different angles of approach as far as where they want to concentrate their marketing. Their current promotional strategy is geared toward the summer activities, boating, camping, fishing, boots, and clothing. On their website, they are targeting with photographs of families camping; they even had an elderly couple with grandchildren marketing to that crowd as well. The other photograph for clothing was a single male, standing in front of a truck with a flannel shirt. Fishing is a large emphasis on the website for good reason, for we are in the summer season, and they are implying that consumers can get a deal on all gear related to the sport. They have a picture on the home page of a convenient way to organize fishing tackle. Another emphasis on the page that is repeated twice is the, “Cabelas fish for Millions, will you Catch the Million Dollar Fish?” Participants need to fish in eligible waters across the United States and try to catch one of 1500 tagged fish, enter that tag number on the website to find out if they have won the grand prize. There are other prizes awarded as well with tag numbers entered as a marketing strategy. Of course, Cabelas offers credit cards with the standard deals of an initial low APR interest rate and use your Cabelas club to card to get points. There are four different areas on the homepage to apply to get a Cabelas club card. Build up your points and get a certain amount of money in...
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