Denny S Promotional Strategy

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Denny’s Promotional Strategy

Denny’s Restaurant is a run-of-the-mill diner chain that serves to a loyal following of families and other customers. One of the things that make Denny’s such a formidable company is its desire and execution to promote its product. Through advertising, sales promotions, and public relations, Denny’s can compete with other top diner chains in the world.

Denny’s uses advertising to promote their product. If one has a television at home, they could simply turn it on and see these adds that are constantly on. One of the adds promotes the new $2 $4 $6 $8 value menu. This value menu has been a hit for Denny’s and one of the reasons why is because customers come to the restaurant ready to buy off of it because the advertising it receives. Denny’s also has adds in local newspapers and on the radio as well. They really do a nice job of letting the customer know that they are still in fact relevant. Another promotional mix that Denny’s restaurant uses is it’s sales promotion. The restaurant does a fine job of attracting customers through coupons and other sales promotions. Some of those other sales promotions happen locally and in the summer. If you attend a Pirate game, you can receive a free grand slam if one the Pirates players hit a home run in an assigned inning. This is good for Denny’s because during the game, they always get their name put out there. If a player hits a home run, the only lost item is a few free grand slam coupons. All in all this is a good promotional strategy because all of those people at the games get to hear the Denny’s restaurant name. The advertisement is genius. Of coarse Denny’s also have coupons in newspapers and other outlets for their customers to indulge in.

A third promotional mix that Denny’s uses to attract customers is its public relations. Denny’s often uses press releases when they come out with new products to keep their customers informed. They really do not utilize the...
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