Promote Positive Behaviour

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Promote Positive Behaviour
In this assignment I am going to explain my understanding about, legislation, frameworks, codes of practice and policies relate to positive behaviour support.
Understand the context and use of proactive and reactive strategies.
Be able to promote positive Behaviour
Be able to Respond Appropriately to Incidents of Challenging Behaviour.
People with learning disabilities show behaviours which present a significant challenge for those caring for them. Such behaviours may include aggression, destructive behaviours or self-harm. Individuals with more severe disabilities and those with additional disabilities such as sensory impairment’s and communication disorders are more likely to demonstrate challenging behaviour. Many forms of challenging behaviour are thought of as being functional and adaptive responses to challenging situations, in that they serve as a way of communication with the people with whom they interact (e.g. stopping unwanted attention, attracting attention or attempting to explain they are experiencing pain). Some forms of challenging behaviour may be linked to mental health problems, such as depression. The most important way in the reduction of challenging behaviour is for the individual to have a thorough assessment to find out the function of the behaviour. This is known as a functional behavioural assessment and is used to create an individual’s support plan. Positive behaviour support aims to teach the individual new behaviours and enable them to achieve what they want to achieve.
Understand how legislation, frameworks, codes of practice and policies relate to positive behaviour support.
In all aspects of my role I am regulated by my company’s policies and government legislation. The human rights act 1998, the disabled person act 1986, disability and discrimination act 1996, Health and safety at work act 1974, the equality act 2010. I have been trained in Mandatory courses, for example

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