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Project title:


Project description:

The Web based bus ticketing with SMS applications is a system designed and developed specifically for Victory Liner Bus Corporation. It consists of two (2) major parts, namely: the employee page; and the customer page. The employees page is intended only for the bus company‘s employee. Users can access the site with the use of account privileges given by the administrator. They have specific modules to access based on their given rights. Customer’s page is the e- ticket feature found on the company’s website. The customers can view the available trip schedules, number of available seats, buy tickets online or through their cell phones.

Project objectives:

1.Develop and implement a system that has the following capabilities: a. Sells tickets online or through mobile phones;
b.Accepts G-cash or credit card payments;
c.Shows and checks bus trips, routes, and the number of available seats on a real time basis; d.Monitors drivers, bus trips and sales easily; and
e.Generates reports at any time.

Project duration: Six (6) months

Proposed budget: PhP 552,500.00

Proponents: Charter-Change Group

Date of preparation: September 4, 2009


Provide factual information about the context of the problem or opportunity to be addressed. This section should present a logical analysis that justifies the conduct of the project.

Traditional bus companies still use the manual processing in their ticketing system. They need to have people who will manage the reservation and tediously check the customers’ reservation before and after the bus trips. These people are called ticketing officers. They are the one responsible in the ticketing reservation.

Manual recording of reservation trips, route and driver assignments might lead to data inconsistencies and inefficient data retrieval. Since the data is not organized, reports and other information needed are difficult to produce. This type of system is very tedious and prone to human errors.

An inquiry via phone calls is also difficult for the customers. Since the common way of inquiry is through telephone, phone lines are either busy or just continuously ringing. The reservation officers cannot accommodate all the phone calls and they are not accessible 24/7 for inquiries needed by the customers. There is also another way of reserving, and that is via electronic mail (E-mail). The same with phone inquiry the e-mail does not assure that the reservation will be accommodated and there are some instances that customers tried to inquire via e-mail (through the address posted on their website) and what they got are messages telling them that the quota has been exceeded or the mailbox is full. With a web based system, it would be easy to know the bus trips, and seats availability even without calling or going to the bus company’s ticketing office. Convenience on the part of the customer will be prioritized, saving valuable time and money spent traveling to the ticketing office. Tedious and manual processing of the employees especially the ticketing officer’s task will lessen.


Who are likely to benefit from the output of the project?

The beneficiaries of the system are the management team and employees of Victory Liner and would-be passengers. The web-based ticketing system can be accessed by the employees and customers/passengers of Victory Liner as long they are connected to the internet. They can also buy tickets with the used of any cell phones that supports text messages and subscribe to Globe Telecommunications.


What are the objectives of the project? Be sure these objectives are stated in very specific and measurable terms. Ideally,...
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