Railway Reservation System

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The “Any Where Any Time Advance Reservation” system is the online ticket reserving system where the passengers can reserve the tickets for their travel, cancel the reserved ticket and they can view the status of the ticket before travelling. The passenger who is reserving the ticket in AWATAR unless they are the member of AWATAR .The passenger can reserve the ticket by giving the required detail in the form and submit it for the processing .They can reserve for at the max for five members and a single ticket is provided for them. The administrator the AWATAR can control the ticket reservation and the accounts of the passengers who are signing up in AWATAR. The administrator can reset the seats, fares of the tickets, and generates the PNR number for the ticket that are reserved. The sole control of the system is handled by the administrator. The printer prints the tickets that are reserved by the passenger. The passenger can sign-up for only one time and he can sign in for any number of times for reserving, cancelling and viewing the tickets. The AWATAR system provides flexibility for the persons based on the age, the passengers are fared based on the age and the place of travelling. This makes ease of use in using AWATAR system. The system tracks for the database any number of times for reserving, cancelling and status viewing. The passenger can see the status of the classes that are available in the train which he is going to travel by noticing the number of seats details from the display board. The cancellation of the tickets is also very easy so that the passenger can cancel the tickets that he has booked.


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