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Topics: Food, Brand, Food processing Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: August 17, 2014
Promotional schemes and offers specially for kids who are the main target customers by the company. 1.For example. Sil jams has entered into a promotional tie-up with Camlin Industries for children. With every bottle of Sil jam, the consumer will get a Camlin School Kit free. The kit will be available with each 500 g and 270 g jam bottles and 200 g tub. The kit comprises a Flora pencil, an eraser, sharpener, six-inch scale and labels as a result market share of Sil jams went up from 9.6%to 15.1%. •Interacted with targets in parenting &motherhood, women, men, bargain shopping and marketing &advertising communities through word of mouth messaging, digital PR, and micro-blogging to build awareness and drive video views. •Created an official initiative used to promote campaign initiatives and build brand recognition.. •In 2002, as a part of its repositioning, the brand came out with different flavours to make the product more tastier and flavoured. It was first of its kind in this segment &this increased the sales of the product. •Kisaan also innovated in packaging. Over these years, the packaging became contemporary and stylish to reflect the changing consumer preferences. This was good enough to attract children. With competitors like Sil,Tops this brand attracted the children and provide them with a better, healthy and tastier food Product. •The brand realised that kids are strong influencers of the purchase process for such products and once kids get hooked onto such food products, brand loyalty can be assured. •More resources and add campaigns are being started by the company. The strategy of the company behind these promotional tools is just to make a differentiating image in the minds of customer about this product . This also will make the consumers aware about the product &they will be encouraged to buy the product. All factors from improved packaging to continuous improvement in the product helped them make one of the successful brand in the food...
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