Project of Flour Mill

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Project Profile

Opportunity Rationale:

Food is the basic necessity of life. Different countries have different food tradition all over the world according to their culture and environment. Such as sea-food is the main dish of Sri Lanka & Bangladesh where as rice is also use in these countries including china as well. In European countries potato and wheat are mainly use and as an alternative too. As far as consumption of sub-continent is concerned wheat is the main crop used as a source of food.

Agriculture sector contribute 24% of total GDP in Pakistan. Wheat is the traditional food item of Pakistan and is the third largest industry of Pakistan. Wheat occupies 2/3 of the total area under crop, (8.5 million hectors). Punjab is providing 72% of total production of wheat, while 17% is provided by Sindh, 4% by Balochistan & 7% by Khyber Pakhtonkhaw.

|Food Consumption | | |Wheat & wheat floor |55% | |Meat (total animal product ) |25% | |Total vegetables |20% | | | |

Growing number of population has increased demand of food item, which has direct impact on public & private sector flour mills. Pakistan is a densely populated country, which creates a great demand for flour. A comparison of estimated supply and projected demand of wheat flour in Pakistan is given below:

|Year |Total Flour Production | Flour Demand | Deficit | | |(Tons) |(Tons) |(tons) | |2008 |9,057,774 |9,479,610 |(421,836) | |2009 |9,198,354 |9,699,480 |(501,126) | |2010 |9,531,099 |10,080,000 |(548,901) |

Source: USAID & Competitive support fund (

Whereas big investment opportunity exists in this sector.

About 52 flour mills located in different districts of Balochistan out of which 11 flour mill have suspended their process, 06 in Pashin, 02 in Chaghi, 01 each in Loralai and Barkhan and, Nasirabad because of political instability and poor law and enforcement condition, but these areas have demand of flour which we have planned to fulfill.\12\08\story_8-12-2010


• Reduce health risk

• Improve eco-efficiencies and cost effectiveness

• Address food issues and problems.

Project Brief:

The proposed project will have the total output capacity of 30000 Tons per year; in its first year of operation the...
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