Project Managment Phases

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Q: MAP PLC against PMI ® Project Phases?
* clarify the differences, concepts and specifications of each phases.? * Project :Are temporary endeavor, with a beginning and end * every project has its own lifecycle
A: Project Life cycle :
* is a chart showing the project from start to end
* Framework for managing the unfolding of the project over time * Structured as a series of sequential, and possibly over-lapping, phases

The product lifecycle consists of the following phases:

- Introduction
- Growth
- Maturity
- Decline

Project Management Phases
* It’s an Activities focuses on a specific outcome or how the life cycle is defined * Key opportunity for management review and milestone definition for a project * The PMBOK Guide suggests 5: initiating, planning, executing, montoring/controlling, and closing. Many industries and companies add more.

Initiation - This is typically a very short phase where senior management decides to move forward with the project. The project sponsor writes the project charter describing the high level goals and names the project manager.

Planning: the most important phase when The project manager assembles the project team and they respond to the project charter with a detailed plan including scope (what will actually be done), time, cost, resources, and risk plan. A good plan addresses all 9 PMBOK Guide knowledge areas.

Implementation &Execution : Once the project sponsor and/or senior management approve the plan, the actual work begins. This when work on the project has officially started, and when you manage the execution of the project, direct team members, communicate with them, with the stakeholders (using status reports).

Monitoring &Controlling : Often a certain amount of controlling is done in parallel with execution. This...
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