Project Charter: Setting Up a Virtual Private Network

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IT499-01 Unit 3 Project Project Charter Unit 3 Project Charter Project Charter General Information Project TitleMid Mo ComputersBrief Project DescriptionSetting up a LAN/WAN for a small computer repair shop that has two shops within ninety miles of each which will have repairs, sales and networking for home users and small to medium business in the surrounding metro areas of Waynesville and St Roberts Missouri.Prepared ByDate 9/13/14Version1 Project Objective The client is a new computer repair shop in Waynesville and St Robert Missouri and is requiring a network from the ground up including all operating system software and hardware. The client will need a network that will meet their demands in repair and upgrades of customer at home and small and medium business, sales in computers, computer equipment and devices and network equipment and devices and setting up network to homes and small and medium business throughout the two metro areas. Having a network that is secured, efficient and reliable, this will let client meet the needs and wants of their customers. The main objectives of the project are Establish a reliable and secured ring topology network that will meet the demands of the client so they can serve their customers with the highest excellency Deliver the best hardware and software for the network that is within the clients budget that meets their needs and wants Establish servers at both locations that includes a back-up server that is reliable and secured Establish an internet connection for all staff members and field technicians so they can do their jobs on a daily basis Establish a remote access to staff members and field technicians that require the access to accomplish their daily tasks Establish a secured VPN Establish a secure file and print sharing Assumptions Final planning permission will be approved by the clients within the timeframes required Prices will be within the clients projected budget No additional staff...

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