Project Charter
Topics: Project management / Pages: 3 (641 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2013

A. General Information

Project Title:

Employee Recognition Framework
Brief Project Description:
Design, develop and implement the employee recognition framework
Prepared By:
M. Atta Ullah
30 September 2013

B. Project Objective:

Overall, to create a workplace culture that includes regular recognition and feedback
To recognize employees for their high-quality service and commitment to public service
To reinforce linkages between employee performance and department business goals to achieve corporate goals
To develop tools, guidelines and support for departments to assist with departmental recognition activities
To develop and implement corporate recognition activities

C. Assumptions
Improve government’s ability to attract and recruit high quality candidates and to compete more effectively (with the private sector and other levels of government for candidates)
Respond to the level of employee engagement and employee perceptions relayed though the corporate employee surveys.
An element of the Corporate Human Resource Plan
Component of a healthy workplace
Element of the Public Service Commission’s Business Plan for 2013/2014
Complements and builds upon existing departmental recognition activities
Complements corporate human resource values
Element of performance management

C. Project Scope
To include recognition activities for all government departments
To address two components of recognition - a corporate component and a department component
Includes guidelines to govern corporate and department activities
Does not include mandatory requirements
Framework, research summary, guidelines and tools to be developed and implemented by October 2013

D. Project Milestones
Develop framework
Complete a research summary
Develop guidelines (general and financial)
Consult with departmental reps (i.e. Health, Tourism),

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