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project 1 Informative Speech

By isaid33 Apr 18, 2014 598 Words

Project I: Informative Speech Outline
Isaias Ruiz
COMM305: Public Speaking
Westwood College South Bay
Ms. Shaw
April 18, 2014

Isaias Ruiz
Ms. Shaw
Public Speaking
April 18, 2014
Title: Organic Food
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: the purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the process involved in eating healthy. I want my audience to understand the importance of purchasing and consuming organic food. Thesis: Choosing to purchase and consume organic food is a smart and healthy choice for you and your family. Formal Outline of Speech

I. “The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000.” Food activist, Michael Poland, makes this statement as the introduction to a documentary titled Food Inc., which discusses the way food is being produced today in America. A. Now, there are many choices that can be made when trying to eat healthy. 1. Eating the recommended amount of calories, eating many fruits and vegetables, getting a sandwich from subway instead of getting a hamburger from McDonalds, or drinking water instead of soda. 2. These can all be good decisions, but is it beneficial if it is not organic? Of course it can be, but is it as beneficial? II. Eating organic food can do things for your body that non organic food cannot do. A. After watching the documentary, Food Inc., I was shocked to find out how our food is being produced and handled in America.

1. Is the process of how our food is made something we need to recognize? 2. Is it better for our food to be brought up naturally by hard working farmers rather than being abused, pumped up with hormones and filled with many other chemicals? 3. The answer to these questions should potentially be yes.

B. Non organic food is not only less beneficial to eat, but has the potential to harm our families. III. Choosing to purchase and consume organic food is a smart and healthy choice for you and your family. IV. [Preview] I’m now going to inform you of how the importance of purchasing and consuming organic food relates to each and every one...

A. Scope
B. Data Collection
C. Analysis of Policies and Procedures?
D. Threat Analysis
E. Vulnerability Analysis
F. Correlation and assessment of Risk Acceptability
I. Why we recommend Security Risk Assessment
A. To provide a complete and systematic view to management on existing IT security risk and on the necessary security safeguards.

B. To provide a reasonably objective approach for IT security expenditure budgeting and cost estimation. C. To enable a strategic approach to IT security management by providing alternative solutions for decision making and consideration. D. To provide a basis for future comparisons of changes made in IT security measures 1.

I. In summary the threat and risk assessment process is not a means to an end. It is a continual process that once started should be reviewed regularly to ensure that the protection mechanisms currently in place still meet the required objectives. The assessment should adequately address the security requirements of the organization in terms of integrity, availability and confidentiality. The threat and risk assessment should be an integral part of the overall life cycle of the infrastructure. II. For my conclusion I will say that my Organizations performs a threat and risk analysis that are leaving themselves open to situations that could disrupt, damage or destroy their ability to conduct business. Therefore the importance of performing a threat and risk analysis must be realized by both the staff supporting the infrastructure and those that rely upon it for their business.

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