Progress by Black Americans in 1900-1945: Political, Social, and Economic Aspects

Topics: African American, Black people, United States Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: September 30, 2014
“Progress had been made by black Americans in the period 1900-1945.” How valid is this statement? Progress was definitely made in the years 1900-1945 by black Americans; however the amounts of progress varied in the North and South of America, the North appeared to have made more progress by 1945 than the South. The progress also varied depending on the area, such as political, social and economic aspects. Socially, the North of America had made more progress than the South. The North experienced de facto segregation, which meant that blacks were discriminated against but not segregated by law. This meant that socially black people were more accepted than they were in the south. In the North the black population was mostly concentrated in ghetto areas where homes and schools for blacks were inferior. This meant that black people were not living around white people and that their homes were of a lower standard than the homes of white people. However, blacks in the south of America had made much less progress socially. The South still experience de jure segregation and Jim Crow laws. This meant that they could legally be segregated and that they were ‘separate but equal.’ When it comes to segregation the south had made much less progress than the north. Also, class did not make a difference for black people in the south, for example, young Martin Luther King and his father were middle class but still unable to mix with white people in public places. For poorer blacks in the South there was very little inclination to publically challenge Jim Crow laws. However, dissatisfaction was increasing and an activist minority for keenly campaigning for change and trying to make more progress for Southern blacks. There was not a lot of progress made but there was some which inspired people to make more progress. In the North blacks were making some progress economically. As black population was mainly centred in ghetto areas, black people went to more inferior schools. Due...
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