How Far Did Conditions Improve for Black Americans Between 1945 and 1955?

Topics: African American, Southern United States, Racial segregation Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: September 3, 2013
How far did conditions improve for Black Americans between 1945 and 1955?

Before the outbreak of war there was general hostility towards Black Americans, Lynching’s and beatings were quite common in the Deep South. However due to the huge amount of volunteer black Americans who joined to fight for ‘liberty and freedom’ in Europe many also joined to fight two wars, to fight the war of liberty and freedom at home. When black soldiers returned to their country many were still met with the same segregation and racism that they had felt when they left. However the way the black soldiers had fought had changed a number of people’s views, including President Harry S. Truman whom was known for being racist, however even he felt a debt was owed to these men, and so slowly he attempted civil change. And slowly starting off in 1947 with public facilities the first long step was started to bring about civil rights. The conditions which changed during these ten years affected, Education, public facilities, transport, employment and voting.

In all very few improvements were made for Black Americans, however the first step with the publishing of the 1947 “To Secure These Rights” report showed that the federal government was starting to listen, this was backed up further by the desegregation of the Armed forces in the following year of 1948. Between these 10 years, Civil Rights groups had started to win battles, the NAACP’s protests and court cases had won in favour of Black Americans, for example, the 1946 Morgan v Virginia case where the NAACP argued that segregation on interstate travel was unconstitutional and Supreme Court agreed however it was not enforced everywhere. Another case the NAACP won was the Brown Vs Board of Education in the years 1954-55, in which the Supreme Court found segregated education system unconstitutional. All these changes were the kick start of bigger and more successful campaigns of the Civil Rights era. Although some...
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