Professionalism Reflection

Topics: Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Accountancy Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Yiran Li
Professionalism Reflection
Does Integrity Exist Any More?
When we were talking about the characteristics of a profession in the class, the first thought prompted into my mind is ‘integrity’. Admittedly, few decades ago, a man's word was his bond. However, with the rapid development of economy and the progress of society, even though you have a written contract between you and your partners, you have little uncertainty and unsureness about the commitment. People in nowadays cannot be simply trusted anymore. This is the issue we should concern. What is ‘integrity’? Does integrity matter or even exist anymore? The article I read is called ‘Integrity in Professional Life: Issue of Conduct, Commitment and Capacity.’ The author Sarah Banks (2010), mainly discusses about the nature of professional integrity and the author identifies three versions of ‘professional integrity’: ‘morally right conduct’; ‘commitment to a set of deeply held values’; ‘and a capacity for reflexive sense-making and reliable accountability.’ The word ‘integrity’ is derived from the Latin “integritās”. Accounting to Webster’s Newworld College Dictionary, the term has three definitions: 1). the quality or state of being complete; 2) the quality or state of being unimpaired; 3) the quality or state of being of sound moral principle (P.702). Frequently, integrity refers to “moral uprightness” when it is used to describe a man and his action. I still remember that students laughed when the professor questioned ‘are politicians can be classified as professionals’. Regardless the four central themes of the professional, expertise, autonomy, public and benefits, some politicians nowadays even contravene the life principle of human being. Eliot Spitzer, for instance, the former governor of New York City and prostitute aficionado, is running for comptroller (Rob Port, 2013). These scandals not only betray their families, but also betray their professional integrity. As in...
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