Professional Values, Ethics & Career Success

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: August 21, 2010
With the many different ways to define a successful career, each professional will define his or her success by the values and ethics he or she believes to be true. The personal values of each person guide professional behavior with such actions as integrity and honesty. Ethics are the morale standards each person obtains throughout life, which are used during the decision-making process. Together they allow professionals to make choices, have consequences, and create outcomes for success or failure. Definition and three examples of professional values

The professional values in this type of area have many different varieties dealing within the business spectrum. It seems that it is so hard to pick only three values that tending to be important because there are so many of them. The three values most common within a Professional level such as: Quality, Leadership, and Growth. These three values are found to be most important concerning business on a Professional level. Quality has to be its main focus pertaining to the degree of excellence with social status of that certain kind of characteristic. This type of value must be acquired skill accomplishment. Leadership comes from a certain type of value with the capacity to lead in any kind of environment either by a personal level to a more professional level. This value has an important function as in knowing how to organize a business, and also knowing that this will be a form of a person pursuing on professional level or personal level. The last value would be Growth, which has a process from starting at the bottom and working toward the top. This can be a business growth or even pertain to us on a personal level side as well. This is a stage in which growth expands at a greater rate rather then economy. This type of growth can redirect itself towards a relationship at a high proportion because of income, which should be put back into the professional level in the business, (Murray Elsass, Urban Elsass...
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