Gen/200 Foundations for General Education and Professional Success

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Professional Values


Professional Values and Ethics Paper Baker, N. Axia College of University of Phoenix July 19, 2010 Instructor: Sue Kocyba

Professional Values


Looking at the television one may notice there are many famous people in the world. Among those famous people majority of those people will let it be known that the success did not come easy. Even if the success is through a career that he or she had or has to get where they are now. In order for him or her to get where they are in life he or she has to have an understanding of what ethics and values are.

“Values and Ethics are a set of moral principles and standards of conduct, supporting the moral prestige of professional groups in society. The tasks of professional ethics are to identify moral standards and assessments, judgments and concepts, characterizing people as representatives of a particular profession.” “Professional ethics develops norms, standards, requirements, typical to certain activities. Ethics is designed to educate people, to help them to behave properly with others, to communicate at the workplace, etc.

Professional ethics taught to follow the measurement standards of morality, adopted in order to regulate human behavior.” These are the standards employees must navigate. Aligning themselves to these values, an employee should develop the appropriate personal qualities. “The main types of professional ethics are: medical ethics, educational ethics, scholar ethics, entrepreneur ethics, engineer ethics, etc.” Each kind of professional ethics is determined by the eccentricity of professional activity, has its own specific requirements in the field of integrity.

Professional Values


“For example, the ethics of a scientist involves first such moral values as academic integrity, personal integrity, and of course patriotism. Judicial Ethics requires honesty, justice, sincerity, humanity (even to the accused in his guilt), and fidelity to law. For any organization it is very important the way employees follow organization’s guidelines, because this can directly affect the common success as well as the organization collapse.

Values and Ethics make company’s productivity to rise. It all depends on the way people communicate with each other, the attitude they take over their job and how well they meet their responsibilities and. In other words, for an organization, values and ethics guidelines shows how it expects the employee to behave while being employed and what moral standards should he meet.

Believing and Living our Professional Values and Ethics is all about making the Right choice in our career and making them consistently (M.M, 2009). Over time values and ethics are built in a person over time. Some come from what has been “imbedded” into us from being a small child and some values come from what is learn or believe as a person grows up. Professional values and ethics are the principals which helps determines actions and conduct in any given profession (M.M, 2009). One belief is helping one determine the difference between right and wrong, and how to act upon certain situations.

Professional Values


In some professions there are guidelines for example, working as a CNA through Nightingale Nursing. The employees have to abide by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act is to ensure the rights of the people taken care of by the company. The employees have to know this act so he or she know exactly what can and cannot be done. In any profession it is good to make sure everybody has clarity on what they can and cannot do. As long as employees abide by the "rules" he or she will have energy to focus on what matters.

Be aware of distractions so people can learn to be consistent on their professional values. Professional values and ethics are an excellent source to get success in our career mainly because of:

1. The satisfaction an individual can drive from within (M.M,...
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