Professional Education in Andhra Pradesh

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Pre Independence Education Scenario in AP:-The history of Andhra Pradesh dates back to Mauryan era. So earliest universities set up around that time were universities like Nalanda. Nalanda was the highest learning center not just of India but also of the entire South Asia. Students from foreign countries like China, Japan, Korea used to come here for higher studies. It had around 10,000 students and teachers on its roll cards. It was spread across 12480 acres of land. The University had eight colleges. And one of the colleges had four-storied building. It was one of the earliest examples of residential cum learning complex.

After this during the time of Nizam was Nizam college followed by Osmania University and so on came into being. The professional education in those days included theology, medical and law. In the later years education like management information technology came into being.

Post education scenario:-The present educational system is an implantation of British rulers. Wood's Dispatch of 1854 laid the foundation of present system of education. Before the advent of British, education system was private one. With the introduction of Wood's Dispatch known as Magna Carta of Indian education, the whole scenario changed. The main purpose of it was to prepare clerks for running local administration. Under it the means of school educations were the vernacular languages while the higher education was granted in English only. British government started giving funds to indigenous schools in need of help and thus slowly some of the schools became government-aided. After Independence state Governments held responsibility for education, whereupon in 1976, the state and the centre took joint responsibility through a constitutional amendment. The most importance turn in Indian Education Commission came with Kothary Commission of 1964, under the supervision of Dr. P.S. Kothary, the then Chairman of University Grants.

Professional Education Scenario:-

Andhra Pradesh’s professional education system turns out millions of professionals each year, many skilled in IT and engineering. The technological boom in Andhra Pradesh has largely contributed to the growth in education sector. This growth in recent years has been led by the services sector. The most noticeable aspect has been the recent big boom in the BPO/KPO sector. This off-shoring trend is certain to continue and India faces the challenge of generating an appropriate supply response to retain its existing advantage. The real challenge therefore, is to expand capacities in higher education to keep ahead of the curve of rising domestic and global demand.

Current scenario:-

Professional education today includes Medical, Pharmacy, Engineering, Management and many specialized corses including Retail management, Banking and Financial management etc., The professional education today is more result oriented. Students are not interested in gaining knowledge but are more interested in what and how much they will earn when they complete the course. This paper is an analysis on how economic situation affects trend in education.


• To understand the education system in AP
• What influences its trend?
• What are its challenges?


Three Major Professional Education Streams:-

| |1997-98 |2000-01 |2009-10 | |MBA |37 |42 |68 | |MCA |30 |26 |67 | |Engg. |282 |245 |343 |


Average intake of students in Engineering per year

|2002 |2003 |2004 |2005 |2006 |2010 | |211 |207 |209 |201 |174 |343 |



1. The trend in the three major streams of professional Education shows a dip in 2001 2. The trend...

References: 7. “Who Participates in Higher Education in India?Rethinking the Role of Affirmative Action” by Rakesh Basant and Gitanjali Sen W.P. No. 2009-11-01 November 2009.
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