Professional Development Plan SM

Topics: DISC assessment, Personality psychology, Learning styles Pages: 2 (1029 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Professional Development Plan
October 26th 2014
--- ------The group members of Learning Team D 3 took a DISC assessment test to determine their personality styles, strengths and weaknesses, and areas that need enhancement. The group members are (Antonia, Brenda, Matthew, Robin, Steven). The Professional Development Plan will give a description of the strengths, and weaknesses each personality styles, individualities each styles share, and characteristics that may cause conflict, and how each styles can work together for the betterment of the organization. As well as to show how I, the manager can improve my abilities to lead from each team member. The DISC assessment generated two personality types within the group: Cautious, and Dominance. Three out of the five members of the group including my-self are labeled as Cautious. The Cautious strengths entails independence, dependable, good listeners, ask numerous questions over critical information, and are good at follow-through, they want perfection, and tend to be tense with themselves and others when under pressure, they have a natural curiosity about people, and are concerned about what people expect, think, and feel, they have strong affections to their personal interests, undervaluing the time required to complete tasks, being intuitive and observant about situations and people, they tend to associate their self-worth with their work accomplishments, and are intrigued by concepts, ideas and processes. They are known for being assessors and tend to have strong opinions about people and groups with whom they do not agree or identify. Their weaknesses of Cautious are they tend to work at a slow pace, unlike The Dominance personality types who are goal-oriented, fast-paced, take authority, and willing to challenge outdated thinking and ideas. Dominance weaknesses are what make them stand out from Cautious personality type. Dominance is not afraid to bend the rules; they become annoyed...
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