Professional Care Action Plan

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Professional Career Action Plan

Renika Johnson


October 22, 2012

Urmi Bhaumik

Professional Career Action Plan

The professional career action plan gives in details my career goals, rather than the personal goals. This professional career action plan will give an insight into the professional strengths and weaknesses, the health care organization to work at, and the knowledge gaps that exist, and professional resume. In this paper will speak on professional goals, the health care career plan to have in the health care sector, skills currently have for health care administrator health care field, skills that will need to be changed or alter. I will state plan for ultimately achieving these professional career goals, and with the information mentioned above. I will give a perception on the Professional organizations that can help to achieve these professional goals. Last, I will give a perception on the benefit the career action plan outline provides.

Your professional goals

The professional goals are a health care career within a health care facility in the emergency services department within a hospital. I love to finish my education with a Master's degree in health care administration, and continue education at University of Phoenix, and use web link to for programs in health care administration. With the health care administrator career will start as an entry-level employee and continue until reach the senior executive management health care position. Continuing education as a health care administrator with a Master's degree will allow gaining more knowledge, skills, to arrive at successful within the health care facility of choice. Continuing education at University of Phoenix will have to research information through university Master's degree programs, contacting the financial aid department, academic advisor, and enrollment advisor to begin the process.

What job you plan to have in the health care sector.

The health care position planning to have in the health care sector, such as a hospital is a health care administrator position. “As a health care administrator there will be a variety of roles, responsibilities, and functions depending on the size of the health care organization that will be managed(Such as hospitals, community health centers, clinics, private medical group practices, managed care organizations, nursing homes, and other health care facilities." " The health care administrators plan, coordinate, and supervise the functions of health care facilities and the staff that work within the health care facility" (Health Care Administrator, 2004,para. 1). There are two types of administrators within the health care industry generalists and specialists. The “generalist’s administrators are responsible for managing and helping to management of the entire health care facility.” “The specialists administrators are responsible for the efficient operations of a specific department (Such as policy analysis, finance, accounting, budgeting, human resources, or marketing" (Health Care Administrator, 2004, para. 2). The health care administrator sometimes has to uphold and advance “professional standards, rules, and policies for various institutional activities." The health care administrators have other responsibilities within the health care facilities that include “creating and increasing programs for scientific research, preventive drugs, medical and vocational physical therapy, and community health and welfare” (Health Care Administrator, 2004, para. 4).

What skills for this job you currently have.

Skills for the health care administrator health care position that currently have are good leadership skills and management skills. I am very organize, good written, and effective communication skills, and attention to details. Self-awareness professional and personal strengths skills are personal traits, and knowledge-based skills...

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