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Assessment Data
J.D. is a 67 year old, African American male. He is currently single, living alone, and has one son that lives in New York. He is a family oriented man that has many family members that live locally. religious and is currently a deacon in his local church. He is dating, but has decided to abstain from sexual activity unless he remarries. J.D. has experimented with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, but reports he has not used any of these substances in the past 7 years. He says that he feels overall healthy and lives a very stress-free life. J.D. stated he falls asleep easily, but complains of waking throughout the night feeling restless. He also is exercising by power walking down the hallways at least three times a week for an average of ten minutes each session. J.D. indicated that he was recently diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia. He claims that he tries to eat healthy overall by limiting salt, cutting fat off of his steaks, and including salads into his daily meals. J.D. attended school until the 7th grade which he then followed up with trade school to become a carpenter. His reading level appears to be significantly higher than the grade he graduated from as J.D. reads scripture during church services.

J.D. has some seasonal allergies that were especially aggravated during his working years as a carpenter. He would sometimes relieve those symptoms with Zantac, but claims he hasn’t taken this drug for some time. He state that he was hospitalized many years ago with “an infection of his body fluids.” He made a full recovery after being hospitalized for a couple of weeks. J.D. has 17 brothers and sisters. All of his siblings are living except for two sisters and two brothers. One brother died from lung cancer while the other passed away from a heart attack. One of his sisters suffered from a stroke, and the other was diagnosed with polio before succumbing to the disease. His mother also passed away from a stroke. He felt her diet played a big part in her death. Her favorite foods were fatty pork and other red meats. Upon first observations, J.D. seemed alert. His speech is clear and slows and he overall seems to be in good nutritional health. He had no distinguishing body features and had a blood pressure of 118/82. He is currently taking Gas X for abdominal gas pain.

Concept Map

Teaching Plan

Nursing Diagnosis:
Readiness for enhanced Knowledge: hypercholesterolemia AEB expressed interest in learning about and lowering LDL cholesterol levels. J.D. states, “I know I have high cholesterol but I ain’t really sure what foods I should eat.”

Nursing outcomes:
J.D. is able to verbalize five to ten healthy food choices to us by the end of the day. J.D. is able to tell us which foods in his normal diet contain high cholesterol levels by the end of the day. J.D. is able to tell us, by the end of the day, at least four complications and diseases that can occur from hypercholesterolemia. He is able to name, by the end of the day, healthy life style changes that could lower his cholesterol.

Nursing Interventions:
We used a combination of teaching methods including verbal, written, and activity-based approaches. The verbal method included talking about healthy food choices that J.D. enjoyed eating and/or had in his cabinet, exercise options that were implementable at University Towers and possible complications from hypercholesterolemia. The written materials included re-designing and individualizing a health clinic’s brochure that outlined good and bad options for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. We also provided learning resources, both locally and online to further patient education for hypercholesterolemia. Activity-based approach included on-site evaluation and teaching regarding client’s current food inventory.

J.D. was able to tell us five to ten healthy food choices that he could include in his...
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