Care Level 2

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Psychology, Behavior Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Q. Define the term ‘Duty of Care’
The duty of care is a general legal duty on all individuals and organisations, to avoid carelessly causing injury to persons. It requires everything to be done to protect health and safety of others at the workplace. Health and social care organisations have what is called a duty of care towards the people they look after, this means that they must do everything they can to keep the people in their care safe from harm. It is not only the care establishment that needs to prioritise the safety, welfare and interests of the people using its services, but also that care workers of the establishment. My employer also has a duty of care for staff members, to ensure that working conditions are safe, and suitable to deliver the service. Q. Describe how Duty of Care affects own work role?

The duty of care I have in my job role is to keep my service users and myself safe, keep up to date on training, always wash hands before and after attending to a service user and wear protective PPE supplied by my workplace to prevent cross-infection. Q. Describe dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care an individual’s rights * The individual may want privacy in the bathroom but it is not safe for them to be left alone * The individual is diabetic and wants to eat cake and sweets * The individual wants to live independently but does not have the necessary abilities for this to happen * Rights include choice and independence and privacy

Q. Explain where to get additional advice about how to resolve such dilemmas You could get additional support and advice from:
* Colleagues
* Seniors
* Manager
* Social worker or other professionals
* Policies and procedures

Q. Describe how to respond to complaints
If you were to respond to a complaint you would follow this procedure: * Listen to the complaint
* Give the compliant time and respect
* Record the information
* Report to a manager
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