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The Beauty Behind Psychology
Giving back to society in the form of psychology is something that can be helpful to many people. Throughout each person’s life they find themselves lost when having to deal with hardships. Whether it be losing a loved one, financial instability, marital problems, or domestic abuse. All of these things can be difficult to overcome; this is why psychology can be appealing to study. The idea of helping someone cope or deal with his or her problems is something beautiful being taught.

One of the biggest things when studying psychology is to enable a patient to feel safe and secure when they are speaking to their psychologist. It is important to understand that they have gone to someone because they want help. Knowing that someone can guide them in a positive direction is something they look forward to. They need to know someone in their life is reliable and that they can trust that they can trust someone will help them find a light in their sea of chaos. Something to recognize as well is that they have probably done as much as they personally could before coming to you, so the fact that they want to speak with you should be viewed as a milestone on their part and be respected.

However, getting a client to speak with you can sometimes be a challenge; this is seen mostly in child psychology. This form of psychology is mostly known for dealing with cases in Child Protective Services. Multiple people have stated that when helping children it can be quite a bit more difficult than when speaking with adults; being as though children are naive and don’t realize the severity of the case sometimes. If someone they trust hurts them and tells them not to tell anyone because its, ‘a secret’, it is likely that the psychologist will have to speak with the child more than just once to find out the problem. This could be because of multiple reasons, they could see it as just a secret, they could be scared, or the adult may have convinced them...
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