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Career vs. Calling

At some point in one’s life, the need to be self-sustaining makes contemplating about a career come to the forefront. On the other hand, what one thinks is his or her calling becomes a determinant in career choice. When one’s career and calling overlap, a strong argument can be made that that person lives a life of contentment. But what is the difference between a calling and a career? According to Thompson, “A deep sense of passion often is connected with a calling.” I fully agree with Thompson. A calling is what one is meant to do in life. The source of motivation does not come from money, material or status but rather comes from a true desire of just wanting to do. “A career often is defined as a course of progress throughout life,” says Thompson. Again, I am in agreement with Thompson. There is a time element to a career. People have careers in certain fields for most of their adult lives mainly to make money to support their existence. When I asked my father to contribute to the essay, he was enthusiastic as he always talks about a bright future for me. On one hand, he defines a calling as “what one is meant to do in life characterized by an intrinsic passion and, more often than not than not, an ideal set of qualifications.” On the other hand, he defines a career as “a progression in an area of human activity usually associated with making a living.” In essence, Thompson and my father are in total agreement. Count me in too. An important and revealing word used both by Thompson and my father is “passion.” To me, passion is the essence of a calling, much like a parent’s love for his or her child. When one is passionate about something, material rewards do not matter as much. When one’s career is his or her calling and one’s calling is his or her career, it can be said that life is good.
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