Product Market Analysis of Frooti Parle Agro Group

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Product Market Analysis

Introduction to the Company – Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Parle is a leading Indian Food and Beverage Company, the only Indian transnational giant with the past experience of having successfully launched leading soft drink brands like “Frooti, Apply, N-Joi and Bailley”. Today its brand portfolio consists of No. 1 brands like Frooti along with Apply, N-Joi and Bailley. Parle agro was the first to identify the dormant mango segment in India and launch India’s first national Mango drink - Frooti Mango. Today Frooti has an 85% market in the Fruit Drink segment. Today, the Parle Group turnover is over Rs.600 crore with group strength of over 1000 employees, including over 400 professionals.

“To provide consumers superior, wholesome agro based food and drink bands through which Parle can build a profitable; growth oriented organization.”

It has different products like:
3.Bailley Aqua

Introduction to the Product – Frooti

Mango - India’s national and most premium fruit was a virtually untapped segment until the year 1985, which saw the launch of Mango Frooti in a trendy convenient tetra-pack. Mango Frooti is Parle Argo’s flagship brand and India’s leading fruit drink with an 85% market share. Now, Frooti also comes in PET bottle packing.

Frooti is like an Indian ambassador and is a hot favorite not only in India but all across the world. Frooti is the first tetra pack fruit juice in India. Launched in 1984, Frooti still holds a dominant position in the Rs300 crore tetra pack fruit juice (TFJ) market.

Frooti over these years have carved out a niche for itself in the market. Frooti instantly caught the fancy of Indian consumer with its tetra pack and some smart campaigns. Initially the drink was positioned as a kids drink. The product was perceived as a healthy fruit drink by the mothers. So within a short span of time, the brand was an alternative to the “unhealthy” colas.

The tetra pack had other benefits also. Fruit juice is a perishable product and tetra pack have extended the shelf life of Frooti because tetra packs have 2 layers of paper and a plastic coating that ensured tamper proof and enhanced shelf life. Lured by the success of Frooti, there were a lot of new launches in the TFJ market.

Players like Godrej with Jumpin; Kissan etc tried their luck in this market but failed to dislodge Frooti. Frooti was positioned as a mango drink that is “Fresh-n-juicy” for over 7 years, the company promoted the product using that famous baseline. The product has tried to create excitement in the market through a series of new variants and packing. But in late nineties the brand was facing stagnated sales. The company tried to excite the market with an orange and pineapple variant but both the variant bombed.

Then the experiment with packaging came. The YO! Frooti variant came with a slim paper can aimed at the college going youth. Worried by the stagnating sales, Parle tried to reposition the brand to appeal to youth aged between 16-21. The positioning changed to be more fun based. The package also changed. The old green color of the bottle changed to brighter mango color with lot of graphics added to it.

One of the most famous marketing campaigns India has witnessed took place during the repositioning. The campaign is the famous “Digen Verma” campaign. This campaign was considered as one of the most successful teaser campaigns in India. The campaign lasted for 15 days started in February 2001.

The campaign was about a faceless person Digen Verma. There were posters and outdoors all across the markets that had messages like “Who is Digen Verma”, “Digen Verma was here” etc. This created lot of excitement in the market and “Digen Verma” became the most talked about faceless name at that time. It was executed by Everest communication. But the campaign was not followed up and the hype was not translated to long term...
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