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Section (a)
I will be analysing an electric toothbrush. The design aspects I will be focusing on are; Function
Primary functions of a toothbrush are-
to wash teeth
clean better/easier than an ordinary toothbrush.
Secondary functions are-
Timer so it’s easy to estimate the right time of washing teeth. Battery indication so you know when to charge it before it dies, Changeable ends so more people can use the same toothbrush and so it lasts longer. Anti-slip surface so it is easy to hold when wet.

Come in different colours so it would suit a wider audience. Rechargeable so it less money is spent on batteries.
Aesthetically pleasing because people will most likely buy things that look nice. Fitness for purpose-
It has to be able to fit in your mouth so the teeth can be cleaned easily. Is it rechargeable? Does it plug in or is it on a stand?
Plug - if the base isn’t wide enough it won’t be able to stand, if it isn’t able to stand the head will get dirty a lot easier which is unhygienic. Stand – is it easy to put the brush on the station? Is it quick and safe? Will it be stable? Is the head small enough? When the head is small it makes it easier and more accurate to wash teeth behind and between the gaps.

Planned obsolescence for a toothbrush is a year max two.
If rechargeable the built in batteries will get used out so the toothbrush will then have to be constantly charged until dead. The moving parts will get worn out which will make the cleaning as efficient. The anti-slip surface rubber will eventually get damaged so it might become slippery and look bad. The colours will fade out and it will look old.

Value for money-
Is the toothbrush worth its price?
Are the materials good quality? Good quality materials will cost more but will last longer. Can it be repaired? If it can is it worth repairing it?
If it is limited edition it will cost more as it will stay on the market for couple of weeks. Different colours may wary the price because if the plastic or material needs to be new then it will cost more to make it. Depending on branding some products will cost more. This is because the more popular brands know that people will still buy the product. Ease of maintenance-

Are the bristles changeable? The toothbrush will last longer if you can change the ends because they get used up quicker. It is cheaper to buy the bristles than the whole toothbrush. How often will the toothbrush break? When we pay more we expect the toothbrush to last longer. Means of changing - batteries/charging station. Most people will prefer a rechargeable toothbrush because they will spend less money on batteries later. Can the surface be easily cleaned? We don’t want to spend too much time on cleaning the product. Environmental concerns-

Rechargeable will be better for the environment as less waste (batteries) will be disposed. Are the materials recycled? Can it be recycled after its use? Recycled materials will be cheaper because the manufacturer spends less on the materials. Are there any toxins (toxic gases) made during manufacture.

Are the materials non-toxic? Is it safe to put it in your mouth? Market
Niche marketing-
What age group is it made for? Younger people /children will have more colourful designs. The toothbrush will be smaller as their not as big as older people/adults. Is it top end or bottom end? The branding and a variety of function will often wary the price. Introduction of new product-

Social expectations.
People will buy it because other people have it.
When the product is in popular/fashionable most people will have the same one. Commercials make people want to buy the product.
Social expectations-
It cleans your teeth, keeps your mouth hygienic we want it to keep our mouth fresh for as long as possible. Battery life lasts for a reasonable time we expect the toothbrush to last for about a week without...
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